A battle between the living and the dead— but maybe there’s something else there entirely that both sides should be worried about. You know what they say about meddling in dark affairs, after all. +

Updated App Count, 10.

Hey guys— we would really love some male applications because we can’t open without them. If I have to beg, I just might because it’s taking forever for us to fix this ratio.

Anonymous asked:
Yay, you've got a male app! c:

Yeah but unfortunately the ratio is still 7:1, so we’re nowhere near to accepting. I know you guys have been waiting long but there really is nothing I can do about it at this point.

Updated App Count, 9

Okay, guys, we reaaaaally need some male applications, or Delilah and I might have to go as far as putting a lock-down on female apps. We’ve gotten some absolutely lovely applications for our girls— but we can’t open with zero males in the mix! Sooo, come check out our male characters and see if you’d like to play any of them. They’re all important to the general storyline and we’d even love to have some OCs in the mix too.

Updated App Count (+8)

iponderofsomethingterrifyingg asked:
When will you accept applications?

I want to accept soon but the current ratio for the app count is 7:0. So as soon as we get at least five male apps!

Anonymous asked:
tbh the connections are why I send an app for this rp! I hate it when people befriend OOC and let all their characters be together with each other disregarding their bios. Some 'guides' for relationships that fit the character are great in my opinion.

Thank you for this. I just, it clearly shows that some people don’t really realize what a bio RP should really be about. You have to create unique bios and connections so people get interested and stuff but nobody seems to remember that. If you want no connections, bio rps aren’t the rps you’re really looking for. Anyway, that is all on this but thank you for sending this!

lukespookydown asked:
what is your age of characters right now? I don't want to make anyone to old are to young.

Honestly we have characters ranging from 10 to 62. It really doesn’t matter, lovely!

Anonymous asked:
I was going to join a few days ago, but how you handled those anons kinda turned me off and the one anon is right, the connections are kinda restricting.

That’s fine. What I don’t understand is why you’re messaging me to let me know? Just to bring disappointment? That’s kind of a shitty thing to do.